The Ninja Challenge is a 5k obstacle race that will see if you are fit to walk the path of a ninja warrior. While anybody can run, only ninja can run up walls. The Ninja Challenge goes beyond a simple race and will truly test your athleticism. Running becomes only half the battle when you face our obstacle course that only a true ninja can complete.
Look for the Register button on the home page or any of our pages! (Hint: it’s gold) or Click Here for the lazy.
We recommend the usual ninja workouts: one-finger handstand pushups, building leaps, and vanishing in a cloud of smoke. Don’t worry we’ll be posting workouts on our facebook page, like us to check them out!
This race is designed to be fun for all skill levels! Obstacles will rely on your strength, balance, dexterity, and stamina. There will be volunteers helping out at each obstacle and we recommend running in groups so you can work as a team. If you are uncomfortable doing an obstacle you can always opt to do up downs, push ups, or sit ups instead. Just don’t be too ninja and try to slip by the obstacle!
Super Ninjas are hand selected super athletes that you can try and defeat in the race. If you beat the Super Ninja in your wave you will be added to our Super Ninja Hall of Fame and get a chance to win entry into future races as a Super Ninja. Want to be a Super Ninja? Send us a request from the Contact Page.
Yes! We need volunteers to help monitor obstacles, distribute supplies, give out awesome Ninja Challenge gear, and of course cheer on our participants. Just send a request through the contact page.
Volunteers will receive the following for a 2.5 hour shift.
– Ninja Challenge volunteer gear
– Lunch and drinks/snacks
– Discounted entry into any wave
– The opportunity to meet lots of amazing people!
If you can’t find the answers in this FAQ, just Contact Us and we would be happy to answer any questions.

Please email us at [email protected] for help with registration.
“Pricing schedule:
$40 until 11/6/2015
$45 until 12/18/2015
$50 until 1/15/2016
$55 until 3/4/2016
$60 until 4/8/2016
$65 until 5/17/2016
$75 on race day (don’t wait until the last minute!)”
You will get to pick your wave time on the registration checkout page. We are limiting each wave to 250 people, so please register soon if you have a large group!
Sorry, we only accept registrations online through our registration page. If you’re experiencing problems please email us at [email protected].
All participants receive
-Ninja Challenge t-shirt
-Ninja Headband
-Ninja Racing bib
-One Free beer(must be 21 or over) or other beverage
-Access to our music and food vendor area.
YES! Kids 13 and under will have their own wave and MUST be accompanied by an adult. Ninjas 14 years old and older on event day may participate in any wave. Ninjas under the age of 18 on event day must have guardian consent. We will also have a free mini race setup for the little ninjas out there best for kids 8 and under.
Absolutely, all spectators are welcome and come come FREE! We have areas setup for spectators to view and they are free to roam the course as long as they do not interfer with the ninjas.
Yes. A waiver will be emailed to you when you register get them here. Ninja Waiver, Drake Landing Waiver. Waivers along with a valid picture ID must be presented on race day or we cannot let you participate.
Yes. You can get a discount by registering early or by volunteering (You can send us a volunteer request on the contact page).
Sorry, no refunds. Due to a portion of the proceeds going to charity we cannot offer refunds. No ninja would ever ask a charity for a refund.
Yes. Last day to make any changes is April 30th. Wave changes are subject to availability. You can Email us at [email protected] to make changes.

At least one hour before your wave start time. Anticipate traffic, Ninja’s are always on time!
You must bring the following:
– Signed copy of your race Waiver and Drake Landing Waiver
– Valid photo ID
– Proper footwear
We Recommend bringing these items
– Change of clothes
– Plastic bags in case you get wet and a book bag to keep your personal belongings.
– Cash if you would like to purchase food and Ninja Challenge gear.
– Gloves to help with obstacles.
Location: Omega Sports at North Hills Mall in Raleigh
Date: Friday, May 20th. 2016
Time: 4 PM – 7 PM
Get 20% off a single item at Omega Sports when you show your BIB at checkout. Discount subject to restrictions.
Something stealthy? It’s really up to you, we’ll have costume prizes to give out too. Just remember you may get wet so dress accordingly. You are also required to wear some type of footwear.
There will be first aid stations and EMS personnel at every event. Their stations will be clearly marked.
Yes! There will be a water station every mile along the course with volunteers at every obstacle.
Parking signs will be posted along the roads and volunteers will direct traffic. Parking is $10 and ALL parking proceeds go to our charity partners. PLEASE carpool, less cars means less traffic and more fun for you!
Yes! We have volunteer photographers and we will have automatic photos at select obstacles that will be available online as soon as they are taken!

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